Education Day 2019 2020 Vision

State of the Industry - Will Tate

Will Tate of GoldSpring Consulting provides a look at what's trending in the business travel industry

How Much Will Travel Cost in 2020? - Robyn Gilmartin

Robyn Gilmartin of CWT Solutions Group and the GBTA Aviation Committee give us a glimpse at what we might expect to pay for business travel in the coming year

How to Hold a Positive Mindset - Dr. Pam Denton

Dr. Pam Denton gives actionable tools to help maintain the right attitude when things aren't going right

Scope of the Travel Manager - Cindy Shumate

Cindy Shumate, industry leader and consultant, shares what's important for suppliers to understand about the role and responsibility of the travel manager

Phat Data - Jennifer Steinke

Jennifer Steinke of PPD shares insights on the gathering and use of "big data" in business travel