Committee & Chairs

The committees listed below are considered to be the Standing Committees of GBTA - Upstate New York. Other committees may be added as needed or on an ad-hoc/task force basis.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee shall consist of the Officers and Board of Directors. This committee focuses on organizing, administering and conducting the nomination and election process of the Association.

Chair: Ron Stevens
Commitee Members: Tracey Wilt, Kevin Barwell

Finance & Budget Committee

The Finance and Budget Committee shall be composed of the Vice-President, Treasurer, and two other members (one of whom shall be appointed by the President and will serve as chairperson, and the chairperson will appoint the other member). The Finance & Budget Committee will have the responsibility for arranging for an annual audit, recommend an annual operating budget, review the financial position of the Association, and make such decisions as are necessary to maintain the financial integrity of the organization to include all charitable contributions. Within sixty (60) days of the close of the fiscal year, an annual report shall be available to all members. 

Chair:  Diane Tearce
Committee Members:  Kevin Barwell, Mark DeGray, Ron Stevens

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for all Association membership lists and providing updated lists to the Officers and Board of Directors prior to each board meeting. The Membership Committee shall recruit new members for the Association and be responsible for correspondence regarding membership. The Membership Committee shall review and approve new members. Any questionable application shall be presented to the Board for arbitration.

Chair:  Ron Stevens/Diane Tearce
Commitee Members:  Terri Moreno 

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee shall host each Association meeting. The Hospitality Committee shall maintain, distribute, and collect name badges; maintain registration table and collect fees at meetings. Responsible for purchasing and bringing speaker(s) gift.

Chair:  Mark DeGray
Committee Members:  Ron Stevens, Terry Rockell, Kathy Moskal ,Terri Moreno

Programs & Sites

This committee is responsible for planning educational agendas for the Association meetings. The Program Committee is responsible for procuring guest speakers, organizing panel discussions, and providing any educational topics that will benefit the Association membership. All meeting agendas shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors. This committee is responsible for site selection and contract negotiations of Association and Board Meetings, menu selection for Association Meetings and all Board Meetings, procurement of host for cocktail reception of Association Meetings, audio-visual equipment and authorizing invoices pertaining to site contracts. Responsible for meeting surveys and getting the results posted on the Website.

Chair:  Kevin Barwell / Amy Holcomb
Committee Members:  Lindsay Hargraves, Terri Moreno, Kathy Moskal, Kim Tanner - Communications Tracey Wilt - Support to Committee

Scholarship Committee

This committee oversees GBTA - Upstate New York Scholarship Program. Each year scholarship(s) are awarded GBTA - Upstate New York chapter members in the following area(s): GBTA Convention registration (for Direct & Allied Board Members).

Chair:  The President is GBTA - Upstate New York serves as commitee chair. Ron Stevens
Committee Members:  Kevin Barwell, Tracey Wilt

Marketing & Fundraising (includes Website)

This committee oversees marketing and fundraising activities. The Website sponsor, meeting sponsorships, logo, etc. This committee oversees the GBTA - Upstate New York Website. This committee will be responsible for ensuring the website is working as per contract and will ensure all board members have proper documentation/training to update the site as required. The committee is also responsible for getting more membership involvement on committees, activities, etc. Responsible for communications and information sharing with trade journals.

Chair:  Kim Tanner
Commitee Members:  Mark DeGray, Jaime Dengal, Greg LaDuca, Terri Moreno

By-Law’s Committee

This committee oversees GBTA - Upstate New York By-Laws. This committee will be responsible for ensuring all by-laws are up-to-date and are being administered/followed by the entire board/membership. The committee will propose recommendations for changes/updates to the By-laws as appropriate.

Chair:  Kathy Moskal
Committee Members:  Ron Stevens, Tracey Wilt, Kevin Barwell

Holiday Event / Auction

This committee shall be responsible for date, time and site selection of the annual Holiday Event/Auction. This committee will be responsible for organizing the auction which will include solicitation of auction items, event programs, proceed collection and selection of charity to receive portion of the proceeds.

Chairs:  Jaime Dengel / Amy Santini
Committee Members:  Amy Boardwell, Jen Burton, Mark DeGray, Sue McKenna, Terry Rockell, Ron Stevens, Kim Tanner, Tai Wright, All Board Memebers - Day of event

Education Day

This committee shall be responsible for date, time, and site selection of the annual Education Day. This committee will be responsible for organizing the Education Day which will include, but is not limited to, seminars, guest speakers, and educational programs dealing with current events in the travel industry.

Chairs:  Lindsay Hargraves / Terri Moreno
Committee Members:  Giselle Andrews, Mark DeGray, Susan Mckenna, Alisha Perrault, Deborah Ryan-Pelletier, Sue Schmidt Kim Tanner, Ron Stevens, Tai Wright

Business Travel PAC Committee

 The main purpose of this committee is to solicit donations to the Business Travel PAC through education of the chapter members on the importance of the Business Travel PAC and the impact that it has on all of us within the travel industry. The committee chairperson will make every effort to represent the chapter (budget providing) at the annual Legislative Summit in Washington D.C.

Chair:  Mark DeGray
Commitee Members:  Kevin Barwell, Ron Stevens, Angela Francisco, Terri Moreno